Welcome to Carly Keyes’s ePortfolio

This is an ePortfolio, featuring a myriad of written and new media work by Carly Keyes, developed during the Gateway course to the undergraduate ‘Minor in Writing‘ program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. During the 2013 Winter semester, Carly contributed to a class ‘Blog,’ and, composed three major projects:  ‘Why I Write,’ ‘Re-Purposing,’ and ‘Re-Mediating.’

Click on ‘Journalism‘ to browse through a catalogue of Carly’s work as a writer for ‘The Michigan Daily,’ ‘Silicon Rust Belt,’ and ‘Miscellaneous‘ publications. Under ‘Creative Essays‘ and ‘Research Papers,’ you’ll find other assignments Carly has completed throughout her academic career, and ‘Songwriting‘ showcases how Carly’s writing skills blend with the musical world to create powerful compositions.

Enjoy Carly’s endeavors with the written word, and it’s many evolving capabilities. Please feel free to contact Carly with any questions or comments on her ePortfolio, resume, or LinkedIN profile.

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